we have done it – our first in-person English evening in over three years! Congratulations to our brave attendees Peter-Christoph, Klaus, Julian, Timm, our guest Patrick (and myself). Our bank accounts (word of the evening) will not benefit, but our karma accounts most certainly will.
Peter-Christoph revealed that he was in fact not an Earthling, but a Martian! Unfortunately, he didn’t show up with his UFO, but talked about his communication style. It was entertaining nevertheless. Timm taught us how to react if you are standing in front of a class of teenagers who try to challenge you by shouting obscene words. Klaus called upon us to welcome beautiful change (rewarded with the prize for the best prepared speech).
I used the opportunities to ask all attendants to give TableTopics speeches. Everyone rose to the occasion. Two award winners emerged with Julian (how he learned English at school) and our guest Patrick (communicating in India). Finally, Klaus scooped his second award of the evening with his fine evaluation of Timm’s prepared speech.
After this entertaining evening came to a close, I am confident that the rest of our members will be less intimidated when we hold our next English evening….