Our English Club-Evening (every 1st Thursday) was a special evening in many ways this time!
We had a special event, which was lead by Sarah.
She organized a workshop on „Effective Listening“ and that is exactly what we did.
We learned what distrubes us from listening, how we can show that we are listening and learned about situations that are important to listen.
There was a lot of time for conversation, exchange and practise what we learned.
On top we could welcome many guests and with 24 attendees this evening was quite full.

In the end everyone was a winner, we all got an award and we could celebrate Sarah for achieving her „Golden Competent Communicator“ Level.

Thanks to Sarah also for organizing this woderful evening and Daniel who was the Cohost.

What we could learn today for sure is: You never stop learning.

Come and join us next time.
The next English Evening takes place on the 5th of September. You are more than welcome to join us any time to our regular german meeting every thursday.