This evening was fun and full of facts and stories that were „good to know“ and therefor fitted the theme of the evening perfectly.

We had a full house, including our special guest Division Director Stefan, who took over the role as the evaluator of the evaluators ;) Fun to listen to such an experienced toastmaster and great tips for improvement as usual.

Corona and how to deal with it 

We are up to date at toastmasters and although I guess all people being at the meeting didn’t really fear any virus (otherwise they probably would have stayed at home), we dealt with the topic Toastmaster-like: With grace, humor and creativity.

Instead of using the regular hand shake to welcome every speaker on stage we took the chance to come up with all different styles of greeting each other which was interesting, funny and really creative.

The Winners are …

Katharina lead through the evening when she finally arrived at the venue after being misled by a public transportation chaos and ended up winning the price for best table topic speaker for her Michael Jackson acting. The King is alive!

Best prepared speech of the evening was held by Frank, who taught us, how to change habits. Best evaluator of the evening was Patrick.

Special Thanks:

To Tim, who was taking over so many roles this night, which was rewarded by being the winner of the Boomerang. Kasimir who used the word „Applepie“ the most and Christian, who  took over as Grammarian and was pointing out numerous helpful „good“ and „bad“ expressions.

It was an enjoyable night and we are all looking forward to another great meeting next week – then it’s time to speak German again.